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Who we are

We started as a design team who loved modern furniture, but had a problem. The things we liked we couldn’t afford, and the things we could afford, we didn’t like. So we began designing and making the furniture we wanted. Turns out that other people had the same problem, and our products offered them a solution – affordable modern design. Our product range is developed to be extensive enough to have something that appeals to everyone and to cover all functions in their home.

Our products are modern and trendy so they are practical enough for everyday use.

The story behind our products

Every of our product has a story to tell. And like every good story, it starts with a great idea. What’s ours? We want to inspire you to live a great life at home. That’s why we do thousands of home visits every season to learn more about peoples’ needs and dreams. This is the starting point for every product we design. 

Quality products at low prices

To reach many people, our products must be of good quality and affordable. We design with our customers’ needs in mind