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Deciding On A Sofa Or Sectional

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1: The Conversation Ring Layout
Layout idea #1 opts for a sofa with extra chairs sprinkled all around. The space feels more decorated is perfect for entertaining and conversation. This layout also helps shift the focus away from the TV as the main feature of the room.
Why It Works:
• The sofa is perfect for low-key family nights but it can still easily accommodate lots of guests when entertaining.
• Pulling in standalone chairs makes for a flexible layout. Easily reconfigure your layout for game night or pull a chair to another room in your home as needed.
• The sofa frees up a lot of walking room in and around the seating area.
• A round table checks the box for a super kid-friendly centerpiece.

This Is Great If You…
• Enjoy having people over for drinks and conversation as opposed to movie marathons.
• Prefer a living room that’s more open and has a slightly formal and designed look to it.
• Want a living space that doesn’t revolve around TV-watching.

2: The Viewing Corner Layout
Layout idea #2 opts for a sectional. This helps to define the living area as a cozy corner where you can totally lounge out. the sectional also helps turn the space into a TV lounge area with a casual atmosphere.

Why It Works:
• The sectional helps clearly delineate the seating area from the rest of the space, making it feel like a room within a room.
• A huge tiered coffee table provides practical storage space for you to stash remotes and other tech gadgets out of sight.
• The bigger the sectional the more pillows you can have. Pile them on for lots of cushy support!
• This layout factors in lots of extra lighting as well, which means you can set the mood as needed.

This Is Great If You…
• Want to have a clearly defined living space that doesn’t face the entry area.
• Mainly use your living space for watching TV and movies with family and friends.
• Enjoy a more laid-back and relaxed living room where you can lie down and stretch out your legs.