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Get Rid of Clutter in your Home

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Relaxing at home is easier if you have a relaxing home to enjoy! Sadly, many of us feel more stressed in our homes because they’re not decorated in a relaxing way. Elements that impact stress levels—clutter, smells, sounds and color, for example—can be altered, and probably more easily than you think. To create a relaxing home, it’s a good time to de-clutter and remove elements that cause stress, and add elements that create serenity.

Here are some ideas to create a less-cluttered, less-stressful environment:

1. De-clutter for 15 minutes each night, and you’ll make amazing progress in mere days
2. De-clutter one room at a time, and get your whole house clean after only a few sessions
3. When you’re on the phone, work on de-cluttering a tabletop or corner of a messy room
4. Put on music as you clean—the time goes by faster and you have more energy
Create organizational systems so you don’t have to de-clutter repeatedly