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3 Steps to Do Your Best Work

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1. Establish Personal Values
Doing great work begins with establishing personal values. We make ~35 professional decisions every single work day. That’s a lot of opportunity to make bad decisions and chances are many of us are making bad decisions — all the time.

Think of it like this: Personal values are the guiding light for architecting the future you want. If you define and live by your personal values, it’ll become second nature for you to make informed decisions that result in your values (and goals) being realized.

2. Define Your Workflow
Now that you’ve defined your personal values, it’s time to define the work it’ll take to achieve a successful outcome. Psychologists have found athletes who visualize and mentally rehearse themselves performing their sport outperform athletes who don’t by 13.5%. So take the time to mentally rehearse your work and increase your self efficacy, states of flow, and overall confidence. Not to mention, you won’t be caught flat-footed when you’re faced with obstacles.

3. Identify & Automate High-Value Actions
You’re more than halfway to consistently achieving your best work — keep going! Since you’ve established your personal values and mapped out the necessary steps to arrive at a successful outcome, you’ll want to focus on identifying high value actions.
According to Atlassian, 60% or less of work time is spent productively. Imagine a world where you rarely need to recreate the wheel, you’re executing on the work that matters the most, and you’re simultaneously empowering your customers to succeed.